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How to Prep Your Sense of Identity for Retirement

Legacy Planning Helps Baby Boomers Think About What's Next

Star Tribune newspaper logoRetirement planning understandably focuses heavily on financial preparation for life after work.

That can overlook other implications of retirement, from the loss of professional routine and identity to potential risks to retirees’ health and emotional well-being.

As this Star Tribune article shows, taking time to redefine your identity, discover your passions and find new purpose is key to a smooth transition and a fulfilling next chapter.

“When somebody has a clear plan, and they’ve started to activate on it, we find much higher levels of satisfaction,” said Anne deBruin Sample, CEO of Navigate Forward.

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Interested in exploring your options? Legacy Planning is Navigate Forward’s fastest growing service. We help senior leaders assess your personal interests, leadership skills and experience, then develop a plan that prioritizes time for leisure, volunteering and part-time work—like serving on a board or consulting.

Learn more about Legacy Planning.

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