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6 Myths About Job Transition for Senior Leaders

Many organizations mistakenly assume a generous severance package is enough, and that only younger workers and middle managers need robust career transition support.

Five Strategies to Improve Your Employment Brand

CEOs and HR leaders, don’t miss Anne Sample’s podcast interview with Recruiting Daily. She shares practical guidance to recruit, engage and retain key talent.
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Expecting A Job Offer? Now is the Time to Negotiate Your Exit

It may seem counterintuitive to consider your exit just as you’re making an entrance. But, agreeing upfront on separation benefits and terms, including outplacement services, lets senior executives start new roles on the right footing.
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How to Pitch Yourself in 2 Minutes or Less—And Nail Your Dream Job

In this Fast Company article, our own Anne Sample shares how to craft a professional narrative that resonates with recruiters, hiring managers and networking contacts. This power-packed and forward-looking job search tool captures your career story at its most concise and memorable level.

Outplacement Services for Departing Execs: Carrot or Stick?

When downsizing occurs, outplacement services are standard fare for senior leaders. However, companies often mistake this valuable benefit for a bargaining chip rather than a critical resource that helps both sides move forward. Navigate Forward CEO and former Chief Human Resources Officer Anne Sample tackles this topic for Recruiting Daily magazine.

6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Executive Job Search

If you’re a senior leader in transition or considering your next step, your actions, messages and attitude are critical to your success. In this article, Anne Sample shares how to recognize — and avoid — six common pitfalls that can hamper an executive job search.

It’s an End, Not the End

Adam Dill recently joined Wicked Foods as Chief Customer Officer. He shares his job transition journey and his experiences working with Navigate Forward.

Common Job Search Pitfalls—And How to Avoid Them

In our work we see common mistakes that prolong job searches and put even talented candidates at risk for missing opportunities. Here’s how to recognize—and avoid—six common challenges.

Anne Sample Shares Networking Tips

Anne Sample shares Navigate Forward's perspective in this Wall Street Journal article, "How to Network and Meet the Right People."
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