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Legacy Planning

After decades of leadership, it can be difficult for seasoned executives to picture what a fulfilling retirement or next step entails. Few want to leave an active corporate career without a clear plan for how you’ll spend your time, leverage your skills and continue to add value.

A customized Legacy Planning engagement in the final months of your tenure helps you envision your next chapter, then move forward with confidence and intention.

Find Meaning and Fulfillment in Your Next Chapter

Legacy Planning helps you combine your personal passions with your leadership skills and experience, at a pace that fits your desire for work-life balance.

Our team will help you evaluate what matters most, prioritize your time and develop a plan for these (or other) activities:

  • Teaching
  • Speaking
  • Volunteering
  • Leisure

For executives who choose to pursue a board of director role, Legacy Planning includes our Board Readiness service.

Working proactively and collaboratively, our Legacy Planning guidance helps reduce the stress, uncertainty and delays that often accompany a retirement or departure decision.

It’s a valuable option for executives who want to bring clarity to their own future, or for HR teams looking to reward senior leaders and keep succession plans on track.

A Generation Reframing Retirement

Did you know? Americans age 55 and older are now the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. workforce, with their contributions to the economy expected to triple in the next three decades.

Americans are living longer, too. The 20th Century added nearly 30 years to the average lifespan. Experts easily foresee the day when age 100 is within reach.

Departing Executives Gain:

  • A clear strategy and timeframe for retirement or exit
  • An actionable plan to transition smoothly into new activities
  • Tools, processes and support to succeed at new ventures
  • Excitement, momentum and confidence about the future

Companies Achieve:

  • A positive experience for departing leaders
  • Objectivity, confidentiality and peer-level support for key executives
  • Greater cooperation and knowledge transfer across the organization
  • A path to advance and retain the next generation of your company’s leaders

Thoughtful planning while you’re still employed can help you figure out a fulfilling and balanced encore chapter. Our tenured transition consultants guide the Legacy Planning process, using one-on-one coaching and our proven framework. Each executive receives customized support for your journey.

The Itinerary

Two tracks prepare you for new adventures:

Moving Forward helps chart your next course. Leaving Well supports a smooth leadership transition at your organization.

Moving Forward

Evaluate Your Options: Envision what’s next—and what matters most—through a guided discovery process.

Set Your Goals: Prioritize your encore activities and your ideal work-life balance.

Leverage Your Story: Develop a professional narrative that captures your unique strengths and leadership experience.

Create Your Encore Plan: Outline the specific activities, networking connections and support needed to move forward with confidence and intention.

Leaving Well

Align Expectations: Identify departure timing and transition activities; set the pace to reach the finish line.

Define Your Legacy: Reflect on career highlights and contributions; bring closure to a successful corporate chapter.

Celebrate Your Exit: Coordinate personal good-byes and final organizational communications.

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