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New Destinations for Executives

Navigate Forward provides highly customized support to senior executives who are currently in transition, planning change in the future or seeking board service. We help each client find their passion, their path and their place in the business community.

Since our inception in 2008, we’ve worked with more than 2,250 clients and 450 companies across the U.S. and around the world. We are proud to be a certified women-owned business.


Our purpose is to help executives work and live with passion.

Measurable Results

To keep improving, we measure what matters.


We’ve worked with over 450 firms and 2,250 executives.


Merging Success with Significance

Our purpose is to help executives work and live with passion. When the right people are in the right seats, pursuing a common cause, organizations thrive — and it all flows from leadership.

The big opportunity for executives in transition is to identify work that fuels their passion. This can be a challenge because executive careers are action packed, with little time to reflect. Transition provides time to look backward, inward and forward.

At Navigate Forward, our passion is helping executives discover and realize the work that inspires them. Merging success with significance is the best thing you can do for the organizations you serve, and for yourself.

Philanthropy is a passion at Navigate Forward. Life has given us wonderful opportunities and we love the communities we serve, so each year we give 3-5% of revenue to charity.

Measurable Results

We measure key indicators to continuously improve.
The infographics below provide a snapshot of our clients, business and results.

9 out of 10
When given the choice, more than 95% of executives choose Navigate Forward instead of other firms.

Client Mix

Vice President
Non-Profit | Public Sector
  • Average Client Base Salary $280,000
  • Average Client Age 52

We work with senior leaders across industries.

Time to Landing

Statistics aside, our focus is to make sure clients find a sustainable path that feeds their passion — and that they land in a place where they can succeed.

Our Reach

We work with senior leaders across the country and around the world. Many of our clients use virtual delivery of our services.


We have worked with over 2,250 executives from more than 450 enterprises — across multiple industries, sectors, states and countries. Navigate Forward is distinctive because we work exclusively with executive level leaders in transition. Our approach is about outcome, not process. The work is passion-focused, face-to-face, custom, hands-on, and outcome oriented. Navigate Forward is unique because we stay with executives until they reach their goal.

When given the choice, more than 95% of executives choose Navigate Forward instead of other firms.

Advisor. Coach. Advocate. These are just a few of the roles our team members embrace when guiding senior leaders to their next opportunity. Together, our team spans diverse experiences: We’ve been corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. Board members and mentors. Communicators and change managers. HR professionals and executive recruiters.

What we share is a passion for helping our clients find meaningful and fulfilling work at every stage in their career.

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