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How We Help Executives Navigate Forward

Executive roles are as distinctive as the people who occupy them. Consequently, our approach is personal, custom and face-to-face. We do not provide off-the-shelf answers. Each situation is a journey of self-discovery and creation. We improvise within this four step process:

1. Discovery

We begin with deep dives of self-discovery so you can gain the self-awareness needed to envision new destinations.

This process includes:

  • Taking stock of the past, present and future
  • Examining dreams and clarifying values
  • Discovering purpose, interests and strengths
  • Identifying meaningful activities in work and life
  • Exploring and understanding obstacles and challenges

2. Building the Narrative

You’ll learn to articulate your story based on where you want to go, not where you have been. This process includes: differentiating yourself by focusing on the knowledge, experiences and skills that will make you stand out; highlighting unique solutions you can bring to a new role or employer; and creating a professional narrative that powerfully and succinctly positions your unique differentiators and credentials.

3. Market Strategy

4. Planning and Execution

To guide you through the transition, you’ll create a plan that you will fine tune and adapt until you land at your next destination. This process includes: developing sequential quarterly plans that set goals; defining daily activities and measuring results; coaching to focus on market strategy and execution; interview preparation through face-to-face practice sessions; and teaching you skills to leverage social media for networking opportunities.

You can also attend Navigate Forward’s weekly executive forums where expert speakers offer perspectives on a variety of topics, such as: working with search firms, salary negotiations and financial strategies. Our clients also have access to our offices, which include Wifi, printing, fax, color copying, board and conference rooms and conference calling. We continue working with executives until you reach your goal.

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