Navigate Forward

Linda Menar

Director Operations and Administration

Linda is adept at change, an important quality given the busy office that is Navigate Forward.  As someone who has worked in top roles in Organization Development, Retail, Sales & Marketing and Financial Services, Linda brings a broad range of experience in support of the Navigate Forward purpose of helping executives transition and live with passion.

Linda was the founder and CEO of a successful women’s business clothing company, was VP of investments with UBS, and is currently involved in several creative business ventures that align with passions that formerly lived at the bottom of her resume. She has lived and worked in Minneapolis, Pasadena, Santa Barbara and Scottsdale.  Like many at Navigate Forward, she’s made several career and life transitions, things she refers to as “reinventures”.

Combined with a passion for helping people find their best self, Linda continues to reinvent herself and she sees change always as an opportunity. Known for her style, wit and street smarts, Linda also helps others adapt to change by reinventing living spaces and wardrobe style through her personal consulting work.

In her free time, you can find Linda cooking and enjoying wine with friends, teaching rowing or cycling, sleuthing for new music, heading off to Door County, trying to find a way to visit Paris once again, looking forward to an annual sailing trip in the BVI’s, and attempting to sleep like a normal person.