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New Roles for Two Navigate Forward Staff Members

Tapping the Talents of Linda Menar and Morgan Winston to Support Our Clients

Just as we help our clients find their passion, path and place, we also believe in supporting our own staff on their career journeys. This May, two Navigate Forward team members step into exciting new roles.

Linda Menar, our longtime Director of Operations, joins our executive consultant team. Going forward, Linda will leverage the image and style talents honed in her Reinventure business to help senior leaders present their best professional selves. In addition, she will continue to organize our client events including the annual Boomerang party and Author Breakfast. Read Linda’s full bio.

Morgan Winston, who joined us last November as receptionist and administrative assistant, has been promoted to Manager of Operations and Communications, where she will provide invaluable support to our entire leadership team and executive consultants. She will also oversee our website, email communications and social media. Read Morgan’s full bio.

Adding skills, technology to better support senior leaders

These changes reflect continued growth at Navigate Forward, with thirteen executive consultants now trained to support senior leaders seeking their next gig, encore career or a corporate board seat. Navigate Forward also transitioned recently to a hybrid delivery model, adding virtual channels to complement our traditional face-to-face engagements.

“Both Linda and Morgan’s positions add depth to the organization, improve our services for senior leaders and differentiate us in the market,” said Anne Sample, CEO of Navigate Forward. “I’m excited for clients to experience these new ways of working with them.”

Linda’s eye for style and passion for helping others will broaden Navigate Forward’s portfolio with yet another opportunity for executives to move forward with intention—rather than letting past experiences or dated professional appearances define them. She hopes participants will see these confidential sessions as a gift to themselves.

“In times of transition, it’s important to evolve,” Linda explained. “My goal is to help individuals accentuate their best features and really own the room. There’s no substitute for the confidence and energy you can project when you look and feel great.”

Morgan’s role underpins Navigate Forward’s renewed commitment to leveraging technology, both for service delivery and to enhance communications. She is rapidly becoming the “Zoom guru” of the office and helping build a robust company presence on LinkedIn.

“I enjoy supporting Navigate Forward’s entire process, from helping onboard new clients, to celebrating when they land, to communicating our stories online,” Morgan said. “It’s an exciting time to be working here.”

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