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Best Practices to Safeguard Your LinkedIn Account

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication, Use a Strong Password and Watch Out for Phishing
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As you know, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world. Right now, it’s also one of the most desired targets for hackers.

We’re encouraging all Navigate Forward clients and alumni to take a few minutes and safeguard your account with the simple steps below.

Protect Your LinkedIn Account With These Simple Steps

1. Set up two-factor authentication on your LinkedIn account. It only takes a few minutes. This article from LinkedIn explains how to set up two-factor authentication.

2. Change your password and add backup contact info. Make sure your LinkedIn password is strong (with a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters) and not duplicated on other systems. Add a backup phone number and email to your profile.

3. Examine communications from LinkedIn carefully. This includes messages from people you’re already connected to. One of the tactics deployed by hackers is using legitimate profiles to send messages with phishing links to a person’s network.

4. Watch for alerts about new devices or emails. Once you turn on two-factor authentication, LinkedIn will send you email notifications if new devices attempt to access your account, or if the contact info on your profile changes. Review and respond promptly if you receive these, as they are signs that hackers may be attempting to access your account.

5. Use email, text or phone to confirm valid content. If you don’t know the sender or are concerned about suspicious activity from LinkedIn, it’s always wise to use a communication method outside the platform. Contact the sender with an email, text message, or call.

Expand Your Network While Protecting Your Reputation

LinkedIn is still an essential tool for senior leaders, jobseekers, board candidates and executives. Putting these safeguards in place will ensure you can maximize the platform while at the same time, protect your all-important professional reputation.

We encourage you to share these tips with your colleagues and alert your own network to the importance of two-factor authentication.

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