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Lori Lamb

Executive Consultant

Lori has been a compassionate human resources executive whose primary motivation comes from maximizing potential in people and organizations. She is energized by empowering others and looks forward to helping leaders find the next opportunity where they can thrive—professionally and personally. She’s recognized as empathetic, honest, creative and values-driven.

At Navigate Forward, Lori helps senior leaders find their path and achieve their goals, whether they’re looking for a new role, consulting, board service or planning their legacy. Her extensive experience hiring, onboarding and coaching board members, chief executives and members of leadership teams enables her to understand the needs of complex organizations and help individuals find places where they can thrive. She believes transition comes in many forms, and each brings its own set of rewards.

Prior to joining Navigate Forward, Lori served as Vice Chancellor for HR for the nation’s largest four-year higher education institution, California State University; as Vice Chancellor for HR for the 32 colleges and universities of Minnesota State; and in senior HR leadership at the University of Minnesota. She is also a recovering litigation attorney who left the practice of law to focus on helping organizations avoid mistakes around managing people. While she no longer practices law, her legal and analytical skills come in handy.

Outside Navigate Forward, Lori provides executive human resources consulting and enjoys giving back to the community. In her spare time, she enjoys living in Arizona, golfing, gardening, hiking, bicycling and anything that helps her live in the sunshine.

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