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Retail Exec Lands ‘Dream Job’ with Current Employer

Working With Navigate Forward Helped Identify a New Career Path and Thrive in a Competitive Interview Process

Quick Look:

  • Client: Retail executive
  • Services: Executive Transition Services
  • Consultant: K.C. Foley
  • Value: Identifying a new career path; support during a competitive interview process

A retail executive joined a Fortune 500 company just out of college. Seventeen years and many successes later, she struggled with the next step for her career. She considered leaving the organization her only option to find a fulfilling role and avoid burnout.

Turning to Navigate Forward helped her understand the type of work that really motivated her. As a result, her job search changed course; she ultimately accepted her “dream job” with her current employer, but in a very different role than her previous positions.

“Working with Navigate Forward was truly transformational.”

“I went from not wanting to get out of bed in the morning to brewing a pot of coffee, excited about what I’ll learn that day,” she said. “Working with Navigate Forward was truly transformational.”

Discovering New Inspiration

The retail executive worked one-on-one with lead consultant K.C. Foley, with additional support from other members of the Navigate Forward team.

“I was blown away by the amount of support I received,” the retail executive said. “What an absolutely amazing coach I had in K.C. She was patient, kind and understanding—all while pushing me in the direction I knew, deep down, I needed to go.”

“K.C. was patient, kind and understanding—all while pushing me in the direction I knew, deep down, I needed to go.”

One of her “aha” moments was figuring out the type of work that inspired her most. Navigate Forward’s in-depth process helped her confirm a new company wasn’t the answer; it was a different type of retail work altogether.

“I thought I needed to go find another buying challenge,” she explained. “But when I talked about what gave me energy, what I realized is I like operations. That was the game-changer.”

Intensive Interview Preparation Pays Off

A whole new career path now took shape. Foley and the Navigate Forward team helped the retail executive pinpoint her top criteria for a new role, then shape her own experience and story to fit a leadership role in operations.

Then, unexpectedly, a senior position in operations opened at her own company. She was one of a handful of candidates selected from a competitive field.

“K.C. and all the Navigate Forward team helped me aggressively prepare for those interviews. I got the job and an increase in salary,” she said.

“It’s quite literally my dream job! It’s fun, it’s innovative, it’s entrepreneurial.”

The retail executive now looks forward to work, rather than dreading each day.

“It’s quite literally my dream job!” she said. “It’s fun, it’s innovative, it’s entrepreneurial; it’s all the things I was looking for.”

A Life-Changing Investment

The retail executive took a leap of faith to work with Navigate Forward, unsure where her engagement would take her, but knowing it was time to make a change. Now, she’s confident, energized and looking forward to the future.

“I can say with overwhelming confidence that this investment in myself changed my life.”

“My out-of-pocket investment with Navigate Forward literally paid for itself year one,” she said. “I was absolutely miserable in my previous role. I can say with overwhelming confidence that this investment in myself changed my life.”

She added, “I loved that Navigate Forward wasn’t pushing me to leave the company I deeply respect. I loved that they didn’t prescribe the answer; they helped me get to the place where I wanted to go.”

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