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‘Charity of Choice’ Contributions Celebrate Client Successes

Navigate Forward Donates Over $5,000 in First Quarter

Embarking on a new career path takes energy, positivity and perseverance. It’s why our longstanding “Charity of Choice” tradition exists: to formally celebrate each executive’s next chapter.

Every time a Navigate Forward client lands a new role, secures a board seat or achieves their next opportunity, we make a donation in their honor to non-profit organization of their choice.

In the first quarter of 2023, we donated more than $5,000 to 23 non-profit organizations around the country. We’re proud to celebrate the talents and hard work of our clients—and at the same time, to put a portion of our profits into practice by giving back to our communities.

A 15-Year Tradition of Giving

Our founders, Teresa Daly and Mary Kloehn, launched the “Charity of Choice” initiative 15 years ago. Since then, we’ve continued (and grown) our commitment to charitable giving; it remains a core value for the company and our team.

Every time a client lands a new role, secures a board seat or achieves their next opportunity, we make a donation in their honor

Navigate Forward is now a member of the Minnesota Keystone Alliance. This group of companies formed decades ago with a commitment to corporate philanthropy. Again this year, we’ve pledged to donate 5 percent of our pre-tax earnings to non-profit organizations. In 2022, we met (and exceeded) our goal with more than $40,000 in charitable contributions.

Sponsoring Three Charitable Events this Spring

In addition to donations that celebrate client wins, Navigate Forward is pleased to sponsor three upcoming fundraising events in the Twin Cities that benefit these non-profit organizations:

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity centers their work around those historically impacted by housing discrimination and systemic racial housing practices. They know that a stable home provides strength, stability, and self-reliance.

Northside Achievement Zone partners with parents, community organizations and schools to put an end to generational poverty and build a culture of achievement in North Minneapolis. One of their goals is to help all low-income children of color graduate from high school college- and be career-ready.

Athletes Committed to Educating Students (ACES) is committed to ensuring all young learners, regardless of race or socioeconomic background, have the tools, support and opportunities to succeed. ACES has a proven track record of success developing math skills and building confidence for students who need it most.

Interested in joining us at these or future non-profit events? You can find details on each organization’s website.

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