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Notepad And Pen, Writing That Says "What's Next?" Next To Coffee Cup

7 Steps to Take Before You Quit Your Job

Considering career transition? Use the steps in this annual career checkup to make your next move thoughtful, rather than reactionary.

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How to Pitch Yourself in 2 Minutes or Less—And Nail Your Dream Job

In this Fast Company article, our own Anne Sample shares how to craft a professional narrative that resonates with recruiters, hiring managers and networking contacts. This power-packed and forward-looking job search tool captures your career story at its most concise and memorable level.

Common Job Search Pitfalls—And How To Avoid Them

Common Job Search Pitfalls—And How to Avoid Them

In our work we see common mistakes that prolong job searches and put even talented candidates at risk for missing opportunities. Here’s how to recognize—and avoid—six common challenges.

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