Navigate Forward

Howie Milstein

Howie Milstein

Executive Consultant

Howie served in several senior leadership roles in the medical device industry, including orthopedics, cardiac surgery and spine. He earned a BS in Biochemistry and MA in exercise physiology — both from the University of Minnesota. He also has a coaching certificate from Intrinsic Solutions International. Howie has always been fascinated by the human condition, particularly the factors that truly motivate us. He works with executives to help them connect with their deeper values and desires so they can pursue new directions that are both relevant and sustainable.

Howie Milstein brings a non-traditional background to his work as a Navigate Forward Executive Consultant. As the Twin Cities’ first personal trainer in the early 1980s, he had an epiphany that existing paradigms for motivation didn’t resonate with his fitness clients or himself. This insight led Howie to lifelong curiosity about the motivations that compel people to do what they do.

Howie is nurturing two budding enterprises. One is a bicycling apparel company called Wowee Wear, featuring the wildest designs imaginable. Howie is also the Provocateur and Speaker for The Institute To Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously, which encourages leaders to heighten self-awareness and lead with strong emotional intelligence.

In his free time, Howie remains a fitness enthusiast, rides his Harley hog, golfs, and enjoys time with his three charming, smart, funny and oppositional children. His wife of 30 years continues to tolerate Howie, almost on a daily basis.